The Parties Are Still At My House

Jan 4th 2022

The Parties Are Still At My House

As a parent, I am almost always hosting a party for my kids. When they were young, it was a given. Funny enough, that hasn’t changed even though they’re grown up now. My house is still where all the parties happen, and almost always I’m still the event planner. Birthdays, family get togethers, national holidays, all of it.

“Are you always in the mood to plan?” You might ask.

“NOOOOO! But I do it because I have the space and all the things that everyone wants and needs for their party.”

What I’m told is that it’s only going to be a small gathering of about 10-12 people, and a simple set-up and clean-up. What ends up happening 30 people later is a full blown party coming to my house. So of course, I can’t help myself. Here I go again— planning, preparing, shopping, coordinating, cleaning, and all the things to prepare for a party that I was told wasn’t a big deal!

At first I’m like, OMG another one? Then once I get going, it always turns out beautifully.

I look at it like this: I’m thankful that my kids want to be in my presence and include me in their parties. More than that, I also hope that somewhere along the way my event coordinating and hosting skills rub off on them, so that eventually we can move the party to their houses (at least some of the time).

So if you’re anything like me, and your kids still take over the house for their own parties, the trick is to look on the bright side. I simply say to myself, “I’m so glad my kids still want to hang out with me”...even if it’s just for the punch bowls and serving spoons, LOL.