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"Mom You’re So Annoying" Lifestyle Brand

"Mom You’re So Annoying" is a new lifestyle brand created by Long Island, NY mom, Michelle Weinberger. The idea behind "MYSA" is based on her own life experiences of being a daughter and then eventually having children of her own. Michelle wanted to start a brand that reflects her own fun spin on what kids everywhere have been saying for ages. She has designed these fun and relatable products for all Moms to enjoy!

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The Annoying Mom Blog

The musings, experiences, and anecdotes of parenthood written into a blog for parents everywhere to enjoy.


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"Mom You're So Annoying"

This book is real life.


Funny, relatable and about the everday things that happen in all mom's & parents' daily lives with their children.


It's great conversation for moms at after school activites, sleep overs, birthday parties, PTA meetings, dinner with the girls and more. Let's face it, we're always talking about our kids for whatever reason, the good, the bad and the annoying.


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Jun 29th 2022

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