Parents and Today's Technology

Posted by Michelle Weinberg on Jan 9th 2022

Parents and Today's Technology

If you are like me regarding technology, you can relate. I really do not enjoy all the new technology that we are using today for everything. I have to say that I find it confusing and it takes me much longer to accomplish things than the "old school way". On the other hand, I can see where my children find another reason to find me annoying.... with love of course.

I try to learn about all iPads, Laptops, iPhones and more but no matter when I go to one of these pieces of technology- there seems to always be an issue. I can’t blame the computer or the phone, even though I would like to. I came to the conclusion that its me.

When I ask my children to help me, I never understand why I have such a hard time! They ask " what are you doing"? Then follow it with "if you would just listen to what I’m telling you and not got so stressed over this you would get it and understand.

They don’t get it. By them saying things like this, it gets me even more stressed and pressured. I didn’t grow up with a cell phone, computer or tablet and I'd much rather use a pen and paper. They don’t understand this because they grew up in a world full of high-tech modern technology.

As these situations come up and they have to start explaining to me how to fix something or how to work these modern Technology situations, I know that they must be thinking how annoying I must be.... Oh well !