Mold? OMG!

I created the “Mom You’re So Annoying” brand (or MYSA for short), when I started writing the first version of the book. I never thought that all of this would have actually turned into a lifestyle brand. I never thought that as a full-time Mom, I would sit down to write all my musings, experiences, and anecdotes down into a real book. I thought these were just my personal experiences, and I never envisioned nor thought of going any further than that.  But with so many of us moms hearing the same quotes and cliches all the time, I realized that it wasn’t just me going through all of this Mommy stuff. It was all of us Moms. That’s when I decided wow, this would be a great book.

Why Mom You’re So Annoying? Because “MYSA” is a very commonly used phrase directed at so many moms, by kids of all ages. It becomes more and more popular everyday, in fact it has always been one of the most popular go-to’s for kids, in all countries, in any language. That goes to show you that kids will be kids all over the world!

Bringing up my own kids, I would hear these words from them all too often. Even though all I was trying to do was be the best mom I could be, somehow to my kids it seemed like the opposite. From telling them to brush their teeth, do their homework, clean up their room, or eat  their vegetables, I would hear “MYSA!” so often.

With all the experience I had handling that phrase, and with how common it was amongst my Mom friends and acquaintances, I thought it would make a great title for a book. That’s when I officially decided to write my first book —  “Mom You’re So Annoying.

The “Annoying Mom Blog” is the ongoing sequel to my book. With each blog is a new Mom tale about how things really don’t ever change, even when your kids are out of the house. It’s my web diary (or as I’m told it’s called...a “blog”....which I honestly can’t even believe I’m writing because I didn’t even know what one was and could barely use my laptop until a year ago LOL). This blog is a place where I’ll share all the ongoing stories and anecdotes of Mommyhood, so that we can all enjoy this lifelong process together.




Mold? OMG!


As a parent you never stop worrying, no matter how old your adult children are — sorry to make it sound so scary, it’s really not, it’s simply a part of the Mom job description. As Moms, we know that our kids are adults, but that has no effect on the amount of worrying we do about anything and everything. 

I always seem to be worried about something. The latest and greatest was when my son decided to take on a new venture with one of his cousins. What kind of venture, you ask? He tried explaining it to me, and turns out he was going to be doing some construction on a newly purchased home that he and his cousin invest in. When he mentioned that he was going to be tearing it down to renovate, I naturally asked him if there was any kind of mold in the space. 

“Yeah, I think there’s some mold in the location.” He said.

“WHAT?!” That’s when I completely forgot how old he was and started to panic. 

“Do you have the right protection? How do you know that you do? What even is the right protection? Did you look into any of this, Derek?” I asked.

“Mom, I will, stop worrying!” He answered.

Never gonna happen. I suggested my son call the poison control center and that they would inform him of all the things he needed to know and look out for.

“I’ll call Mom. I gotta go.” He said.


That wasn’t good enough for me. Not one bit. “I’ll call” didn’t mean that he would call today. I needed to know all this information yesterday. So guess who naturally made that call? ME, of course. It started with the poison control center, who told me to call someone else, who then had me call someone else. After making six other calls, I finally reached someone with answers. At this point, I don’t even remember who or what the right place was, I was running on pure Mom-Mission fuel. I do remember that a nice lady helped me and gave me all the information I needed, 90 minutes later. I was exhausted and fried with all this new information, but that didn’t matter, I had finally gotten what I needed.

I called my son back to tell him that I had gotten the full rundown on mold and construction safety.

“Thanks Mom, I would have called.” He said.

“Do you realize how dangerous mold is for your health!?” I said. 

“You gotta chill.” He told me.

“EXCUSE ME?” I screamed on the inside. Can you imagine? Chill? How could I chill when all I see is my son getting some deadly disease from the mold that we didn’t address right away!?

“I’m going to hire you to be my detective like old times, LOL!” We both laughed.

I then let my nephew know what was needed, relaying all the information I had received. I hoped that the boys actually listened. Turns out Derek & his cousin both already had some of the right information, but not all of it! Phew, I felt so much better knowing that they were fully protected now that the Annoying Mom had done her part.

As a parent you will never stop worrying! It’s in our nature, and it’s normal. While you think you’ve outgrown some habits alongside your kids, some habits die hard (no matter how old your children get), because even as adults to us they are still our kids.

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